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23 April 25 man starts...sign up on calendar
Paraskevi 11 Apriliou , Open Raid event 25M Heroic [link] sign up an 8elete
k oti kenes 8eseis exoume mporoume na pugaroume apo oQue
Endiaferete kaneis gia ToT HC? Nomizo mia fora ti vdomada mporoume na kanoume kati gia na to kanoume clear k ayto
Tetarti 8a ginei HC 10m raid gia olous, to gnosto os k "mpes vges" :)
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Show must go on...!

Mythoos a posted Jan 16, 14

In preparation for the Warlords expansion,
The Alpha and The Omega raiding team will continue their raids under The Nephilim guild as a second raiding team.

Since Blizzard decided to end the 10man guilds, we decided that we have to move on.
Only good and fun memories come to my mind in these 3.5 years of World of Warcraft raiding and i want to thank everyone for their dedication.
The guild stayed as much as possible as "Greek only" the past years and achieved great things , like being #1 greek guild for many different Tiers. The switch back to international guild was succesfull but found us with a big change in WoW raiding theme.

For Warlords and 20man raiding we have to do one step to the future and join a well respected and talented team in the server. Anyone that wishes to apply in a team with goals and dedication should visit The Nephilim website for further information. We are recruiting.

The future will bring more fun and more success, if you pursue it

We are the begining and the end....the

SoO Heroic 8/14 defeated

Mythoos a posted Nov 5, 13  -  heroic warcraftsoo
Today we had a good progress day in Siege of Orgrimmar. We defeated both Shamans and General Nazgrim.

keep it up team.
good job all participating in progress.
Huuntrezz Yea, was a great evening! ...
menya And grats to Tsubo's internet for coming back just in time! ...
Blood Big applause to everyone yesterday!
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